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Theft Deterrent Solutions

New construction theft is at an all time high. Builders are continuously being frustrated by theft of their construction materials. The all new JDS2 Jobsite Deterrent System is a Robust, Self-Contained unit that is highly effective in deterring theft by even the most shrewd thief! After a home has been framed and the JDS2 has been armed and put in place, your site will begin deterring intruders. When the system detects an intruders presence an ear-piercing siren and flishing strobe comes on. The JDS2 can be disarmed durring construction times and re-armed after sub-contractors have left for the day.


Home Builders and contractors can now rest easier knowing that their Jobsites are deterring intruders when the work day is done and on other days when there is no construction activity.

New Construction

Designed to deter new construction material theft. Can be placed as soon as the house is Dried in.


Start securing your remodels and keep material costs down by not having to buy materials more than once.

Vacant Properties

Unoccupied properties are often a prime target for copper thieves and vandals. Our systems show that your serious about your properties.

Between Tenants

Secure your properties between tenants so costly repairs don't delay you from moving in your new tenants.

Before Closings

Don't loose your most expensive items right before you get paid for all your hard work. Secure your houses and keep your closings on schedule. 

Property Managers 

Our monitored units will keep you informed. Receive arming, disarming, alarm, power loss, & low battery notifications. 

Before Permanent Alarm

Use our system until the permanent system is installed and operational. Don't leave your Property open to thefts of opportunity. 

WatchMyJobsite.Com is pleased to provide the following additional services:

A/C Unit & Asset GPS Tracking Units
We Can secure Hi Value Items like A/C units or appliances w/ GPS tracking devices. As low as $1 a day.
Smart Locks and Lights

Our smart systems can even add remote lock, lighting and thermostat control. 

Motion Viewers Cameras

Our Smart System can add motion viewer cameras that take photos during intrusions and emails or texts them direct to users.

Smartphone Control

Our Smart Systems can be controlled from a free app on your smartphone. Manage Multiple Sites all from your phone. 

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