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Jobsite Deterrent System 

with or without text & email notifications

The Jobsite Deterrent System is a self-contained​, Hardened, mobile, temporary alarm system designed specifically for the construction and vacant property markets. Its sole goal is to impose a strong security presence on the jobsite and to maximize the deterrence of material theft and vandalism.    



Multiple User Codes

Enable a code for each contractor or trade. Have one code  for superentiendentss, realators, homeowners etc. Individual codes help track who is using the system

Siren & Srobe

During an Alarm event a 122db deafening siren and strobe light alerts the area of an intrusion onto the site. Intruders go to find a less noisy property to pilfer. 

LED Status Lights

Easy to understand status lights.

Red     -  Off = Disarmed

              On = Armed 

Yellow - Off = Plugged in and charging

              On = Unplugged and on Battery 

360 deg. InfraRed Detection

Pet imune motion sensors detect movment of intruders and not small pets or animals thru the Jobsite and iniate the alarm

Auto Resetting Alarm

Once an Alarm is triggered and the intruder vacates the secured area the system resets after 2-4 min of non-movement. The system will automaticaly reactiveate if motion is detected again

Auto Arm

The system can be set to automatically arm each day at a predetermined time of your choosing.

Email & Text Notifications

If option enabled Recieve Email or Text Notifications of : Alarms, Troubles, Armings/Disarmings and more....

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