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Get Started In Only 3 Easy Steps 

1. Fill Out Leasing Agreement

The Leasing agreement is needed to setup your account. It explains the terms and pricing associated with leasing a Jobsite Deterrent System. Only one agreement is needed for your company and will apply to all orders. You will fill out the leasing agreement with your office location and contact information. The site information of where you want the Jobsite Deterrent System placed will be filled out on the order form on step 3.

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2. Fill Out Payment Information

Billing is done at the end of each month based on the number of days the unit is on site. The monthly charge is billed to the card on file. You can also click here if you ever need to update your card on file.

3. Place Your Order

When Steps 1 & 2 are complete then you are ready to order! Up to 5 sites can be placed on each form. You will use this same form whenever you would like to have a unit Delivered, request Service, or schedule Pickup.

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