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Introducing the all new JDS3  

Interactive Jobsite Deterrent System.

Now with smartphone control. 

Take Control of Your JobSite 

The New JDS3 - Interactive Jobsite Deterrent System gives you back control of your jobsite.

Features Include

  • Text & Email Notifications of

    • Alarms

    • Troubles - low battery, unpluged etc

    • Arm / Disarm alerts

  • Auto Arm 



New Features


  • Text & Email Notifications of

    • Name of User who Arms / Disarms

    • Reminders to arm if not armed 

  • Auto arm if no activity for pre-determined time

  • Smartphone App to

    • Remote Arm / Disarm

    • See system - History / Status / Troubles

    • View Image Sensor* uploads

  • Multi-Site control

  • Expanded coverage w/ Wireless Motion Pods


New Expandable Options

Add more coverage area by adding a wireless expansion pod

Even add camera images of motion event alarms w/ the additon of a Image Sensor Motion viewer 

          *only availble on finished and vacant properties 


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